Bitcoin Is Driving Autonomy Over Authority

Half I: Bitcoin As A Tree, Persistence And Deep Constructions

A Reverie

Maybe if I had been extra brazen, the title to half one in every of this sequence would have ended up as one thing extra tantalizing, one thing punchy like “Bitcoin Is A Palm Tree, And Fiat Is A Coconut.” However for higher or worse, such a title felt saturated with a bit an excessive amount of levity, too tropical and trivial for such a weighty matter.

In fact although, the palm tree imagery would have really been a really correct allegory of how the bitcoin and fiat roadmap will evolve as we progress additional into the twenty first century. A royal palm, roystonea oleracea, bobbing feverishly in a torrential squall, although by no means ceasing to retain a agency grasp to its roots deep below the soil. And as with all storm, the one Darwinian necessity for this tree is one in every of survival, to journey out the tempest as unscathed as attainable.

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