Insaniquarium Video Game

It’s a perfect adventure game that keeps me occupied and coming back. I love the pets you get at the end of each level and the virtual tank you can create. I highly recommend this game because It will you nothing but joy.

  • It is a more streamlined stealth action game where you play as Garrett trying to figure out what happened to his companion.
  • Insaniquarium revolves around the management of its resources, which must be carried out at an increasing rate.
  • Sonic Project 06 Sonic Project 06 is a recreation of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Unity engine.

Shoot him into the corner, and keep shooting him until another alien appears; shoot that alien before it can eat any of your pets. When the boss starts spitting mini-sylvesters, kill them IMMEDIATLY. They’re 1-Hit-Kills, but they are possibly the most blood-thirsty of any of the aliens. One good thing about this level is that Gus (Type-G alien) can now be harmed by lasers (REVENGE!!!!!). Keep shooting the boss for a while, and eventually he should die.

Insaniquarium Deluxe Download

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt Princess Remedy is a game that has a mix of various elements from different game genres. This category features getting the maximum percent possible in the game, the 101%. One draw of the game is that there are very few hardlocks in the game itself, which means a lot more versatility of using starved skill/resource kits to finish each seed consistently. The run features diagonal movement for max speed, rapid fire exploits for your buster, and all kinds of interesting or silly strats for many bosses .

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It will drop bags of shells will turn red and white will sing christmas music and you only have to feed it 2 times for it to be full grown. The first fish you start with are two guppies. If a medium Guppy grows, a Guppy is available to purchase, but you don’t have enough money. Next, after the Large Guppy, go to the egg to unlock a snail named Stinky. After purchasing the four bonus pets , players have the option to increase the number of pets they can have to 4.

This game has notoriously frustrating bosses, but speedruns decimate them. Sonic has air dashing and is the most impressive, but he has been shown off. Other characters have abilities like different tricks, flight, gliding, and cheese. Super Monkey Ball BINGO Race Super Monkey Ball BINGO Insaniquarium is a new format that the Banana Mania community put together just this year! The format is perfect for exploring all the levels in Super Monkey Ball, with way more attention to otherwise ignored parts of the game while speedrunning.

Save up and buy 4 Ultravores, 1 by 1, using Amp as soon as he is ready. Buy Carnivores ONLY when you are out of Carnivores and/or the Ultravores are green – never have more than 2 or 3 in the tank at a time. Buy only Carnivores until you have 5 carnivores. You should already have 6-8 Breeder fish to keep your Carnivores fed. After the first alien, turn Presto into Meryl. Eventually you will have too many coins when you can turn Presto into a 2nd Clyde.

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