Satcomma Normal Look At Bitcoin This

A Complete Quantity Notation Scheme For Sub-Decimal Quantities In Bitcoin

No matter what pockets software program we use, the bitcoin notation normal, i.e., how the numerals seem in your stability, is the first UX element of our relationship with bitcoin. The punctuation of cash, durations and commas, and the place they seem in sequence, present us with essential data concerning our private wealth and the price of items. The notation normal is the drawbridge we should cross each time we work together with cash.

On this article I suggest a brand new notation normal for bitcoin which makes use of commas on the best aspect of the decimal level, with comma separators on the anticipated intervals for complete numbers, i.e., each three numerals counting from proper to left. Whereas this can be a distinct break from customary notation, it immediately conveys the conversion charge between bitcoin and sats, and that is its sole utility.

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